It’s time for a change. Our election in April is about making sure our local leaders are committed to realizing our community’s lofty aspirations as we begin a new era. We’re at an inflection point. Please help me bend the arc of history in the right direction—not a revision back to a “normal” which wasn’t always good enough but a progressive turn toward anti-racism, equality and sustainability.


Equity & Social Justice

  • As alderman I will proudly support the recommendations of the Reparations Subcommittee to mitigate historical structural racism through programs that provide Black Evanstonians with home purchase, home improvement and mortgage assistance. I will work to ensure that reparations mechanisms are institutionalized within City government.
  • I support a holistic approach to public safety and a budget structure that aligns more closely with our community’s values.
  • I will seek to redirect funds away from the police department and into Community Development, Parks/Recreation/ Community Services, Health, and the Office of Sustainability.
  • I will seek to demilitarize the police and enact community police models.
  • I will seek to raise the bar on qualifications by reforming police academy training that emphasizes de-escalation and community engagement rather than an us-vs- them mentality.
  • I will support incentives that encourage public safety employees to live in Evanston.
  • I support strategic rezoning to allow more multifamily buildings throughout Evanston and discourage converting 2-flats to single family homes.
  • I will seek to increase ADA accessibility in affordable housing through existing federal CDBG and HOME funding.
  • I will seek to make our open and green spaces accessible to all Evanston residents. This includes access to Evanston beaches, one of our community’s defining features. I will seek to significantly reduce or eliminate the cost of beach tokens for Evanston residents.

Environment & Sustainability

  • I support full implementation of Evanston’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) which calls for zero carbon/zero waste by 2050 with a particular focus on equity.
  • I will seek to make CARP implementation one of the council’s strategic goals for 2020-2021, requiring decisions at every level to be evaluated through a climate action lens.
  • I will push for adoption of a comprehensive Environmental Justice ordinance.
  • I will push for an expanded role and increased staffing for the Office of Sustainability.
  • I will support City action in a number of areas:
    • Building on the current electricity aggregation program to ensure long-term viability and allow commercial/industrial consumers to participate.
    • Forming a municipally owned Alternate Retail Electric Supplier (ARES).
    • Developing a Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program to facilitate private investment in renewable energy and efficiency.
    • Revising building and energy codes with a long-term goal of building electrification.
    • Adopting a Net Zero Energy resolution for City buildings which will serve as a guide for residential/commercial buildings.
    • Building on the Energy Efficiency Benchmarking ordinance to include requirements/ incentives for performance improvement.
    • Instituting a residential energy performance transparency program.

Economic Development

  • A well thought-out economic development approach is critical to reversing post-COVID revenue shortfalls or Evanston cannot be everything we want it to be.
  • I support an updated master development plan which includes downtown green spaces.
  • Navigating the balance between ecofriendly, transit-oriented development and maintaining the character of the community will require thoughtful analysis and full community engagement.
  • I support appropriately sized multifamily residential construction.
  • I will support job training and economic development programs, such as building weatherization and solar installation, that advance our climate action goals.
  • I will work with the Chamber of Commerce, the Minority Women and Evanston Business Development Committee and other Black-owned business groups to find ways for the City to support local businesses, including a reasonable “Buy Evanston” requirement for City purchases.
  • I will encourage a vibrant performing arts scene that brings visitors into Evanston.
  • I will hold business accountable for their commitments to hire locally and hire more people of color.


  • I will be responsive to constituent and community input.
  • I will hold regular ward meetings and have regular ward newsletters.
  • I will enact meaningful public engagement policy and decision-making processes in collaboration with the City’s Equity and Empowerment Commission.
  • I will strengthen the role of the various appointed boards/commissions/committees (BCCs) by rationally restructuring them to align more closely with the City’s organization.
  • As alderman I will solicit input from boards and commissions.
  • I will collaborate with Northwestern University in all areas of mutual interest.